Triskele / Triple Spiral Orbs

Triskele or Triple spiral Orb

Triple spirals are as old as can be, and world wide. The oldest found so far on these Isles is inside and at the entrance to the Newgrange tomb in Ireland, this dates to 3800 BC

It is a potent symbol for Druids and Celts.

Three is the magic number for multiple reasons, ie,  ( birth, life and death), the three primary colours, (animal, vegetable and mineral) plus many others too numerous to mention them all.

  To buy click here   £48 inc worldwide delivery.

For larger quantities or wholesale please contact directly . A beautiful hand carved  totem made from Gesso, a dense heavy plaster. 

Measures approx. 7cm diameter and will arrive boxed with care. These are solid heavy items so overseas postage may be slower

  The Present Range includes :-  ,  AncestorsBadger, Bee, Butterfly, Cat, Crow, DeerDog, Dolphin, Dove, Fish, Green ManHare, Hedgehog, Horse, Owl, Realms, Swallow, Triskele or Triple Spiral Unicorn, Wild flowers , click on here or above menu to select

They are available for special order in silver or gold leaf finish but remember this will not be as long lasting a finish