Art Deco commission piece

A Murder of Crows, a Gothic take on the fashionable 1960s flying ducks
. . . . . . . . . . .there is a folktale that crows will gather and decide the capital fate of another crow.
These are for sale as a single bird or in combinations the special price for a full set is for the five shown, but if a number are wanted in a single posting I will if possible arrange a discount so email first Also cheaper collected or for sale at Cygnet Gallery, Swans yard Shaftesbury

A Murder of Crows/ Largest Crow Nearly Full size
These are cast and hand painted with oil sheen detai in a gesso compound  then coloured  with three differing colours to get the tone and hand finished each one slightly different They come with a hanging hook and shellac finish.  £25 inc delivery

A Murder of Crows/ larger Crow  £25 inc delivery

A Murder of Crows/Medium Crow
 £25 inc delivery

A Murder of Crows/ Baby Crow £25 inc delivery

A Murder of Crows/Smaller Crow £25 inc delivery

Murder of Crows full set  £85 inc delivery

The Kiss after Brancusi
Glazed sculpture / inverted is a vase !  £285

New snowdrop Orb.
This  includes stand and fairy lights.  At night the shadows cast give the feel of summer dappled shade.   The Orbs size is approximately a foot in diameter. It is coil hand raised ceramic, so relatively heavy so would advise  collection as opposed to post. price is £650

Snowdrop Orb


Torso 1 sold

Torso 2 available

Smoke Fired Torso
Collected only due to size ( almost life size)  £750 or would pack for  a courier
local courier Morley Green in Tisbury goes to  London twice a week

Large Horse Sculpture

Art Deco Plaque

    Hares Springtime Large Orb

Early one spring I found myself following the wild tracks, and what joy I had in seeing the first signs of spring, clumps of snowdrops suddenly all around me sweeping to the horizon on all sides. It was like being woken from a slumber, to find myself gazing a Gaias mantle, clothing our land in a snowy white nodding tapestry. Three Hares represent the swift changeable season of spring.

Sold at £ 525. similar to order but take months to make

Gilded Orbs done to order

This seat top is covered in pure gold, with painted detail in raw umber showing moments in the life of Love, where the Cock crows for dawn and everything in nature is also in love. At the end of the day two stand as one and the world falls away.
Gilded  Seat ( using £300 real gold leaf)  + Tapestry cushion £1200 delivered