Realms Totem Orbs

Realms  Orb

There is much to discover when contemplating the Realms, we all have a little or a lot of each realm within us.

Earth; Masonry in the structure. Masculine.

Sea; Flow, deep devotion. Feminine.

Sky; Lack of boundaries, individuality.

Underworld; Instinctive, Intangible. Many have a horror of snakes, often in our worst nightmares. but is actually only a small part of the whole. do not let fear ruin life.

  To buy click here   £48 inc worldwide delivery.

For larger quantities or wholesale please contact directly . A beautiful hand carved  totem made from Gesso, a dense heavy plaster. 

Measures approx. 7cm diameter and will arrive boxed with care. These are solid heavy items so overseas postage may be slower

  The Present Range includes :-   AncestorsBadger, Bee, Butterfly, Cat, Crow, DeerDog, Dolphin, Dove, Fish, Green ManHare, Hedgehog, Horse, Owl, Realms, Swallow, Triskele or Triple Spiral Unicorn, Wild flowers , click on here or above menu to select

They are available for special order in silver or gold leaf finish but remember this will not be as long lasting a finish