Totem Orbs

Totem Orbs

Over the ages mankind has used meditation as a step towards achieving a special state of grace.   In the practice of meditation ancients focused on personal totems or emblems, it was often a creature that encompassed quality's most admired or desired.  These totems were to be seen and touched, an aid to help keep in tune with the natural rhythms of life. These hand crafted nature balls, round like our planet, are covered with animals we know and love are made to be touched.

  Making of the Orbs

Only natural products are used in the making of the Orb, and all the products are locally sourced.   After design and carving each orb goes through five changes, due to this process every Orb is individual and unique to the owner. The formula used to achieve this finish is a well kept secret. Totem Orbs are only made by me. Yvonne

  The Present Range includes :-   AncestorsBadger, Bee, Butterfly, Cat, Crow, DeerDog, Dolphin, Dove, Fish, Green ManHare, Hedgehog, Horse, Owl, Realms, Swallow, Triskele or Triple Spiral Unicorn, Wild flowers , click on here or above menu to select

They are available for special order in silver or gold leaf finish but remember this will not be as long lasting a finish