Gilded Totem Orbs

Gilding is any decorative technique for applying a very thin leaf coating of gold to solid surfaces such as metal (most common), wood, porcelain, or stone. A gilded object is also described as "gilt". The surface is often first coated with gesso and a primer. "Gesso" is a substance made of finely ground gypsum or chalk mixed with glue. The fine leaf is then applied laying the  sheet of leaf down so that it overlaps slightly, and repeated until the surface is covered. A soft bristle brush is then used to tamp the leaf into the grooves in the sculpture  by hand .
**Here they are gilded with Dutch metal also known as Schlag Metal, over a bole surface and finished with a varnish but as a softer finish may wear after years of handling. It wears like gilding to reveal  a red bole surface under the gilt or on the silver a black bole will show through.**

Gilded Bee Orb

 Gilded Cat Orb

 Gilded Deer Orb

 Gilded + Silvered World  Orb
 . .  seven continents represented by seven animals... further pics to follow

To buy click here   £145 inc worldwide delivery. as much larger than any other approx  20cm+

 Gilded Triskele or  Triple Spiral  Orb

 Gilded Unicorn Orb

Silver Gilt Unicorn Orb


 Gilded Woodlouse Orb. . . .isopods


My Present Range includes :-   Our AncestorsBadgerBee, Birth, Butterfly, Cat, Crow, DeerDog, Dolphin, Dove, Elen of the Ways, Fish Gilded Orbs,  The Green ManHare, Hedgehog, Horse, Lamps + Large Sculptural OrbsOtter, Owl, Realms / Worlds,  The SwallowTriskele or Triple Spiral, Tudor Rose, Unicorn, Wild flowers , Woodlouse,  click on here  or above menu to select