Designed and made for  Sheryls Art Deco Emporium,

Elen of the Wild Places. . . . when under construction

Come rest your head in the meadows of green,
where bowers of eglentine grow by streams,
A soft gentle breeze and a nodding of trees,
and the only life busy is buzzing of bees.

Hand Painted Gesso Plaque  £165 inc delivery

Unpainted Gesso Plaque  £105 inc delivery 

Art Deco commission piece for the antique/decorative trade

  'Diana the Huntress Plaque'    Art Deco commission piece

Diana the Huntress  at peace in the glade
Where hunter and hunted are no longer at war

  Designed and made for  Sheryls Art Deco Emporium,
The wooden plinth has an area behind that hides three tea light holders  . Serene and poor when lit from behind 

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