Artwork in various media

Moth Original Pencil

5 foot to  6 foot with frame, and just over 2 foot wide, inspired by Ernst Heckle'As befits the moth tis a touch Gothic.

To buy click here   £900 inc unsuitable for overseas delivery

Limited edition print sent rolled buy click here   £100 inc worldwide delivery.

Moth Original
This has a repousse surface detail giving a 3D appearance . Size approx 2ft+

Box framed to look like specimen moth £225 inc Uk delivery

Limited edition print for mindfullness  to colour yourself  £48 inc worldwide delivery.

Tiger Pencil Drawing

Planet Mandala 1 with trees,
The rose represents the hot earth core . Made using water colour and silver leaf gilding
 £275 each 450mm square....with frame 650mm  sold in a triple mount, stepped frame

Planet Mandala 2 with trees, 
Triple spiral reresenting the earth core
£275 each 450mm square....with frame 650mm  sold in a triple mount, stepped frame

Big Bang Mandala
At the centre the event horizon. Light the bringer of life began before the sound wave mixed light into atoms. The atoms then made the planets and the stars
measures 540 square 740 with frame  Price £450  now sold in a triple mount, stepped frame

Gilded Geometry
Framed over 60cm framed gilded + watercolour   £285 delivered uk too large for overseas

Oil on canvas approx 8 inches diameter. Best seen against a window where the light makes the sky glow
£120 inc delivery

Chess Game
Oil on Canvas absratcted from the John Singer Sargeant title of the same name

£375 unframed  inc uk delivery.

Shakespeares Love Sonnet
Shall I compare thee to a summers day. .. .  In the shadow of the lovers as they fly into their life together they metamorphasise into older lovers. Sheep petals and clouds echo and interweave and the path is clear
£550 sold

Nine Lives of the Cat
 Pastel 12 inches x 8 inches £125 SOLD

Nine Lives of the  Stripey Cat plus Monty
 Pastel 12 inches x 8 inches £125 SOLD

Taunting the Pike
original pencil approx A4 framed  £85 delivered

Roly Poly  Smaller  Oil on wood  £145  inc delivery
This painting is on a gimbel so turns

 Three Fish oil on canvas £600 too large for overseas purchase

'Disciples " Original pencil preparatory drawing framed   £185 delivered

Disciples 3  oil on canvas miniature, framed as shown sold

The Twelve Disciples 4 oil on canvas approx 1.6m across

This is a continuing project of 12 paintings...this one being number 4, and a male number, is stronger in contrast to the previous Disciples painting...they are also swimming in the opposite direction.We are all finding our way through lifes difficult, but often joyous paths. On the way we encounter people who stand out from the rest, introducing by their enthusiasm a new way of tacking the twists and turns along the way, sometimes uniting into a new shade of colour with our own. As life continues our colours change. In the eventual 12th and final painting, the colours will be predestined by the choices made along the way.

( £ 1,250 )

The Carousel

Once again I take us on choices of  a journey through life. Some chose step ladders, but there are gaps that are easy to fall through...some are capable of flight, for them no barriers exist.. some get lost on the journey, other are swept out to sea.You will find no center to this painting, I lead you to the edges, if spinning occurs the merry-go poles will steady your eye. St Anthony the patron saint of things lost sit bottom center of the frame. £2500 this must come via courier so please ask  to purchase

After The Gleaners after Millet sold

Money Pencil drawing  above life size ! sold

Pen & Ink Card design sold

Trinity Oil on Board Automata, spinning  sold

Mother Earth Oil sold

     Animal World  Oil and wax relief


Sturgeon oil on canvas after Rousseau sold

My Present Range includes :-   Our AncestorsBadgerBee, Birth, Butterfly, Cat, Crow, DeerDog, Dolphin, Dove, Elen of the Ways, Fish Gilded Orbs,  The Green ManHare, Hedgehog, Horse, Lamps + Large Sculptural OrbsOtter, Owl, Realms / Worlds,  The SwallowTriskele or Triple Spiral, Tudor Rose, Unicorn, Wild flowers , Woodlouse,  click on here  or above menu to select